What started off as a design project, ended up turning into a full-blown movement. Bloody Hell is a campaign I started in hopes of stopping the “Tampon Tax”, the taxation of women’s feminine hygiene products in the US. Bloody Hell has made appearances in many cities and universities around the United States. Stickers and posters have been put up in the following cities: Los Angeles, CA, New York City, NY, Providence, RI, Boston MA, Baltimore, MD, Bloomington, IN, and Chicago, IL and universities: Rhode Island School of Design, Boston University, Indiana University, University of California Santa Barbara, Chapman University, Brown University, University of Southern California, University of California Los Angeles, Parsons the New School for Design, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York University, Loyola University, and University of Connecticut. 
    The largest support Bloody Hell has received is from social media. A link to an online petition was added on all advertisement, with the help of a QR Code. Once scanned, the petition link is opened and a supporter can sign their name and leave a comment. 
    The Bloody Hell campaign has gained most momentum on college Facebook groups. A link to the petition has been featured on over 15 universities social media pages and has been affiliated with sororities interested in collaborating and creating fundraisers for the campaign to gain awareness.
This is just the start. My main goal for Bloody Hell is to make this campaign gain enough movement that the United States government will notice and will stop taxing feminine hygiene products. This is a big dream but I am positive that through social media I can gain awareness to the necessary people to make an impact for all women in the United States.

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