Every day, we constantly seek “quick-fixes” to our issues, such as relying on caffeine for energy or melatonin for sleep. We live in a fast-paced society where we are attracted to finding the fastest solutions to our problems, instead of taking the time to work on ourselves and find natural fixes.

“Quick Fix” is a project that mocks these artificial solutions we rely on, aiming to bring awareness to seeking proper care for problems instead of taking the easy way out. Inspired by the appeal of the fast results that medication provides, I created a set of pills each inspired by an idiom (idioms include: feeling like a million bucks, butterflies in my stomach and swallow your pride) that essentially act as desirable products for a quick fix to each issue. However, upon interaction with the supplement and reading the label of the packaging, the product acts a promotion for self-care. 

Spring 2017, Design Studio II
Advised by Joe Marianek
Inspired by the idiom “feeling like a million bucks,” Certitude is a supplement that claims to promote confidence and increase inner strength and self-assurance to enhance self-positivity and validity of worth. 
Certitude pill
Inspired by the idiom “butterflies in my stomach,” Flutter is a supplement that claims to promote excitement with effects that provides a positive and worry-free mental state. 
Flutter pill
Inspired by the idiom “swallow your pride,” Pride is a supplement that positively alters your thought process and lowers your dignity to be able to apologize and be the bigger person in a social scenario.
Pride pill
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